Tizac Malbec, 2015

Cabernet de Los Andes

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Argentinean Malbec is one of the wine trade’s recent success stories. Most comes from Mendoza, on the foothills of the Andes. This organic Malbec comes from a new winery in the exciting area around Fiambala, in Catamarca Province. The vines are grown between 1400-2000 metres above sea level and that altitude creates a vibrant, fresh and memorable Malbec with aromas of violets to match the dark berry fruit. - Andy Howard

About the Wine

When one asks wine enthusiasts about Malbec, most will mention Argentina as the source of some of the best bottles. This is undoubtedly true, although the classic home for this variety is in the south west of France.

Historically, Malbec was widely used in Bordeaux blends, whilst the well-known appellation of Cahors was created as recently as 1971. However, there is usually a big stylistic difference between Malbec from Cahors and Argentina.

The Argentinean version benefits from long, dry summers, with fantastic quality of light. The major risks here are drought and the danger of over-ripe grapes but this is mitigated in the area round Mendoza as vines are planted on the foothills of the Andes mountain range. Mendoza produces Malbec with hints of violets, dark berry fruit character and, when oak is used, notes of chocolate and fruit spice.

This organic Malbec is pushing the boundaries though as it comes from an area even higher than Mendoza, and much further north towards the high border with Chile. The extra height adds even more vibrancy and freshness to the blend. See if you can find this area on the map!

Goes well with

The classic combination for Argentinean Malbec is with all types of steak, but it also works beautifully with all roasted and barbecued meats. With hints of violet on the nose, and dark berry fruits on the palate, this can also be enjoyed on its own.


Tizac Malbec
Producer Cabernet de Los Andes
Year 2015
Grapes Malbec 100%
Country Argentina
Colour Red
ABV 13.6%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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