Soravalle Pinot Grigio, 2016


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Pinot Grigio is, along with Sauvignon Blanc, one of the most popular white wines. Quality is inconsistent (at best) with many dilute, sugary, dull and overly commercial styles. Soravalle Pinot Grigio is from Trentino in Northern Italy where stunning mountains and cool winds create a cool climate. With lovely citrus character and fine acidity, this is a zesty white with a lovely floral character. - Andy Howard MW

About the Wine

Pinot Grigio is a highly popular grape variety, with a reputation for fairly innocuous, simple, early drinking wines. Pinot Grigio is most commonly found in northern Italy, particularly in the North East of the country in the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige.

Although many examples are mass-produced by large producers and many of the regions big Cooperatives, there are excellent, vibrant and memorable wines produced by many small/mid-sized estates.

The Soravalle is such a wine and has some lovely floral characters allied with fine acidity, citrus notes and an elegant, dry finish. This is a wine to enjoy now, and over the summer months, and might encourage you to experiment a little with more premium Pinot Grigio’s from Italy, as well as Alsace (France) and New Zealand.

Goes well with

Perfect as an aperitif wine on a balmy summer’s evening, this will also be a classic accompaniment for lighter poultry dishes, salads and all types of fish.


Name Soravalle Pinot Grigio
Producer Soravalle
Year 2016
Grapes Pinot Grigio 100%
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Country Italy
Colour White
ABV 12.5%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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