Palas Gavi, 2017

Michele Chiarlo

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Winemaster's View

Gavi, from Piedmont in north-west Italy, is only made from the Cortese grape. Michele Chiarlo is renowned for elegant, classic wines and this Gavi is a fine example. Soils here are limestone and clay, with the former providing structure and some mineral bite on the palate. Good Cortese should be floral and dominated by citrus fruits, with concentration and finesse – all characters on show here. - Andy Howard MW

About the Wine

Michele Chiarlo is one of Piedmont's truly great winemakers. The family owns 60 hectares of vineyard in three of the classic growing areas - Langhe, Monferrato and Gavi and have access to a further 50 hectares through long-term relationships with their growers.

Since his first vintage in 1956 Michele has always insisted on total quality which is an ethos his sons Stefano and Alberto continue today. The Chiarlo style is highly elegant and they make complex wines that can age for decades.

Cortese is the white grape variety that is most famous for its role in the crisp, lime-scented wines of Gavi. Apple, peach and honeydew flavors are commonly associated with Cortese wines, with lime, almond and light herbal or grassy aromas, all of which are present in this fine example.

Cortese is tricky and must be watched carefully in the vineyard to ensure success: it is a vigorous, productive vine and if yields are not kept in check then the wines can be bland and lacking in character. Ripeness is another key issue – whilst it does well in Gavi's warm environs, it can struggle to ripen fully in other parts of Piedmont. This leads to wines with almost unmanageably high acidity, which is why Cortese is used more often as a minor blending grape outside of its home town.

Goes well with

With good acidity and light citrus and grassy aromas this makes a good companion for grilled prawns and other seafood.

It will also pair very nicely with pasta and green pesto.


Palas Gavi
Producer Michele Chiarlo
Year 2017
Grapes Cortese 100%
Gavi, Piedmont
Country Italy
Colour White
ABV 12.5%
Organic / Biodynamic No / No
Vegetarian / Vegan Yes / Yes
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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