Manolesakis Exis, 2017

Estate Manolesakis

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Winemaster's View

A delicious odd-ball! Many Greek white wines are very uninteresting, but not this. A blend of two almost unpronounceable yet popular Greek varieties, its colour is pale gold and with a very fresh grassy/fruity nose. Obviously from a highly skilled winemaker, the taste is dry with a refreshing acidity that is rare for this origin, lingering for a long time after swallowing. - John Brownsdon

About the Wine

Stavros Manolesakis and his father George Manolesakis started creating their own vineyards in 1989, planting Greek varieties alongside international varieties and establishing their own wine company Manolesakis Estate in 1999.

Keen to experiment and break winemaking boundaries, they have equipped the winery with the latest technological machinery, in order to produce the best results. The vineyards are situated in Drama, in the region of Macedonia. The vines are grown at 200 to 300 metres above sea level, where the climate is favourable for grape cultivation. The vines are grown in mostly clayish and argil soils.

With every new vintage, the quality of the grapes increases, and only the free run juice is used for the fermentation maintaining the maximum aromatic character of the grapes.

This enticing blend of two Greek varieties delivers a fusion of ginger spice and peaches. A clean, refreshing, creamy wine that is beautifully balanced, with an aromatic finish.

Goes well with

A fine accompaniment for eastern Mediterranean and Turkish dishes or on its own with a few olives and some grilled halloumi. Also works well with risotto or pasta with seafood, grilled fish and chicken in white sauces. Serve at 10°C


Producer Estate Manolesakis
Year 2017
Grapes Malagouzia 55% & Assyrtiko 45%
Country Greece
Colour White
ABV 12.0%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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