Les Granges, 2016

Domaine de Belle Mare

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Winemaster's View

Picpoul de Pinet is a very fashionable white wine, produced from the Picpoul grape next to the Mediterranean Sea in the Roussillon area of southern France. Picpoul goes beautifully with the local shellfish and this wine has been enhanced with the blending in of Sauvignon Blanc to add more aromatic complexity, and Vermentino to give a lime zest character and greater intensity. - Andy Howard

About the Wine

Picpoul de Pinet is a very trendy, popular white wine from down by the Mediterranean Sea, close to Narbonne and Perpignan in the south east of France. Picpoul (also known as Piquepoul) has developed as the perfect match for the abundant fish and shellfish that are abundantly available here. Picpoul used to be seen as an alternative to Muscadet but has now firmly established itself in its own right. Perhaps the best combination is with moules marinieres, farmed in the growing beds just offshore from the town of Sète, and within sight of the many seafront restaurants where Picpoul is consumed in great quantities. No oak is used in order to keep the wine vibrant and fresh with a salty tang to go with the bright lemon fruit character.

The Belle Mare Estate stretches over 68 hectares around Thau Lake. 55 hectares are planted with vines according to a planting scheme that is typical of the Languedoc region: the famous Piquepoul, Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah.

Their Piquepoul vineyard is located in the south of the appellation, bordering Lake Thau, on rather poor soil covered with lime concretions. The climate here is tempered by marine mists and breezes. This marine influence is extremely important as it plays the role of a heat accumulator that limits daily temperature swings, namely the temperature rising during the day and falling at night.

Works well with

Moules marinieres is the classic, but also roasted chicken, guinea fowl, lighter meats such as pork. Great with pan-fried fish – sole, bream, sea bass, and perfect with all types of shellfish. This has enough richness to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to food or just on its own. Serve well chilled.


Name Les Granges
Producer Domaine de Belle mare
Year 2016
Piquepoul 35%, Sauvignon Blanc 35%, Vermentino 30%
Region Languedoc
Country France
Colour White
ABV 13.0%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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