Le Prieuré Château Ksara, 2016

Château Ksara

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Winemaster's View

From a winery founded in the 1860’s which is now the largest in Lebanon (nearly 3m bottles).   The wine is very attractive on the nose but does not show any marked varietal characteristics, being a mix of French southern grapes (plus a little cabernet). It has a full and round flavour with considerable spiciness, and a very agreeable tannin to acid balance. It’s aftertaste is long and agreeable. - John Brownsdon MW

About the Wine

Château Ksara is Lebanon's oldest winery. Its traditions can be traced back to 1857 when a group of Jesuit monks acquired the property. The Jesuits applied their knowledge of science and agriculture to plant French vines as well as developing two kilometres of Roman caves that proved ideal for the storage of wine. The Jesuits eventually sold the winery to the current owners in 1973, and Ksara is now the most modern winery in the region as well as the largest producer in the country.

Ksara's vineyards are located in the central and western Bekaa Valley at an average altitude of 1,000 metres. The Bekaa enjoys dry summers and has the advantage of its own natural water table, courtesy of the melting snow that runs off the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges, therefore no irrigation is needed in the vineyards. T

he slopes on either side of the valley and the valley itself, create a unique microclimate in which the cool nights compensate for the hot summer days. Vines are either double Guyot or cordon trained and their grapes are considered to be grown organically because of the very limited used of sulphur-based pesticides. Harvesting is manual and the standard yield of the vineyards is between 40 and 45 hectolitres per hectare.

Goes well with

The extra bottle age here has imparted some complex, tertiary flavours such as spice and hints of leather.

This weighty red will be an excellent match for rich meat dishes such as boeuf bourguignon, roasted duck and goose.

Also, a lovely combination with more gamey meats such as pheasant, partridge and venison. The tannins are well rounded and smooth, with plenty of character to stand up to most dishes.


Le Prieuré Château Ksara
Producer Château Ksara
Year 2016
Carignan 30%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 30%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%
Bekaa Valley
Country Lebanon
Colour Red
ABV 13.5%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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