Il Pumo Salice Salentino, 2015

Cantine San Marzano

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Winemaster's View

Made from Italian grapes Negro Amaro and Malvasia Nera with a good deep colour. Nose is a little closed at first but opens out well with pronounced red fruit characters. On the palate it it not completely dry, but round and medium bodied with good ripe tannins that are not aggressive and no sign of wood maturing. A long and satisfying finish. - John Brownsdon MW

About the Wine

In 1962, 19 vine growers from San Marzano whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish 'Cantine San Marzano'. Through the decades this cooperative has grown significantly, attracting over 1,200 vine growers.

Salice Salentino DOP comes from the Apulia region that makes up the south-eastern corner of Italy. Located between two seas the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian the vineyards are situated on land where vines and olive trees flourish side by side. The climate is extreme, hot and dry with droughts, frosts and the sirocco winds, all providing challenges to the winemakers.

The vines are grown in soils that are mainly composed of reddish clay, and with 300 sunny days each year, the grapes which grow here develop high levels of sugar over the growing season. The wines made from these grapes are subsequently high in potential alcohol, and it is one of the key challenges for San Marzano winemakers to harness this and craft balanced, attractive wines.

Goes well with

Medium-bodied with some typical Italian tannins, makes this an ideal red wine to pair with many different foods.

Try it with beef, lamb and pork, as well as all types of Italian cuisine ranging from pasta, to pizza, to richer meat and poultry dishes. An excellent partner to Italian cheeses as well, particularly harder types such as Parmigiano Reggiano.


Il Pumo Salice Salentino
Producer Cantine San Marzano
Year 2015
Grapes Negro Amaro 85%, Malvasia Nera 15%
Salice Salentino, Puglia
Country Italy
Colour Red
ABV 13.5%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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