A bit about us

James and Andrea are the husband and wife team behind Love a Taste.

As passionate wine lovers, always in search of that perfect sip (or glug!), we have over the years become all too familiar with the wine-lovers dilemma: you have to kiss an awful lot of frogs to find the occasional prince.

What we really wanted was more princes, fewer frogs. On a holiday in Portugal, whilst drinking an amazing wine made from grape varieties we’d never heard of, the conversation went something like:

“This is soooo good!”
“Amazing! Why can’t we find wine like this at home?”
“Well, even if we could I doubt we'd choose it. Why would one buy a bottle of something unknown from Portugal?”
“That’s true . . . but if you could taste it first you would . . .”
“Yes, you certainly would . . .”

And so was born the idea for Love a Taste: one glass of decent wine is a good introduction to a whole bottle. One glass of indifferent wine is a bottle well avoided... 

We subsequently teamed up with two Masters of Wine, Andy Howard and Johnny Brownsdon, who also share our belief that you don’t have to pay over the odds for great wine, you just have to be able to find it in the first place.

They should know. There are only about 350 Masters of Wine in the world, fewer than the number of people who have been into space . . . all expert frog kissers with built-in prince detectors!

We hope you enjoy our wines, and the pleasure and convenience of being able to taste them in the comfort of your own home.