Garnatxa Negra, 2017

Herencia Altes

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Made by an up and coming producer, from the exciting region of Terra Alta, the most southerly DO in Catalonia. Critically acclaimed by expert Luis Gutierrez, this soft, easy drinking yet complex unoaked red, is produced from vines over 40 years old, planted on sandy and clay soils over limestone bedrock, at a height of over 450m above sea level. Rich, ripe and with an almost Pinot Noir like style. - Andy Howard

About the Wine

Terra Alta is one of the most exciting wine regions of North East Spain. Located in the southerly part of Tarragona, Terra Alta is located high up in the mountains, close to the premium DO (Denominación de Origen) of Priorat.

Herencia Altés is a new producer which has already received critical acclaim. High up in the hills, the altitude around 450 metres above sea level enables vines to slowly mature grapes, developing more flavour without becoming over-ripe and excessively alcoholic.

Garnatxa is the same as Grenache in France – perhaps most well-known as the key component of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Here, the old vines (in excess of 40 years of age) have produced grapes with great ripeness and purity. This particular wine is unoaked, allowing the purity of the fruit to shine through.

Works well with

Soft, fresh and ripe red fruits on the palate make this an ideal accompaniment to white meats, fresh goats cheese and lighter pasta/roasted vegetable dishes. Great on its own as the tannins are soft and there is a delicacy to this youthful wine.


Name Garnatxa Negra
Herencia Altés
Year 2017
Grapes Garnacha Negra 100%
Region Terra Alta
Country Spain
Colour Red
ABV 14.5%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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