Diluvio Albarino, 2016

Bodegas Abanico

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Winemaster's View

Albariño comes from the ‘Green’ North-West of Spain, Galicia. It is a very trendy grape variety dominated by white flowers on the nose, citrus and plush stoned fruit on the palate and a salty aftertaste. Grown on granitic soils close to the Atlantic Ocean, Diluvio have crafted a fuller-bodied version from small plots of old vines which is weighty, yet retains the refinement typical of Albariño. - Andy Howard

About the Wine

Albariño has been (along with Picpoul) one of the most popular and successful new white wines in the past decade. Albariño comes from the Rias Baixas DOC in Galicia, the wet north-western corner of Spain (hence the name Diluvio meaning deluge in Spanish!). Here, the Atlantic Ocean is a major influence and vines were traditionally grown high up on pergolas, to reduce the risk of disease given the large amounts of rainfall in this region.

Just over the border in Portugal, the same grape variety is known as Alvarinho and is the key component for the best Vinho Verde. With a lot of recent plantings, some producers Albariño can be a little light, but this particular wine has masses of depth and richness, whilst maintaining the purity, freshness and saline edge that makes this wine go so well with all types of fish.

Goes well with

The wines of Galicia are designed to work with all types of fish. Albariño also has the richness and concentration to be a great match with lighter meats such as roast pork, as well as all types of poultry.


Diluvio Albarino
Producer Bodegas Abancio
Year 2016
Grapes Albariño 100%
Rias Baixas
Country Spain
Colour White
ABV 12.5%
Volume 750ml (Full bottle)

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