Love a Taste's first London market: Limehouse Basin E14 on 28 October

Love a Taste will be 4 weeks old on Sunday and makes its first appearance in London tomorrow at the Limehouse Basin Market. We had a minor (well not very minor) panic yesterday when we thought that we might need a gazebo or else be reduced to sheltering under the beautiful but distinctly draughty arches of Limehouse Basin. Fortunately it was confirmed this morning that we'd be in a gazebo, phew. Never has a tent seemed so appealing.

James meanwhile has spent the day alternately coaxing and cursing his computer as he is getting the six new wines for November ready to upload to our site. Not a bad effort considering he got up at 5am to go to Billingsgate market (gigantic prawns!). So I guess an early night tonight before our big day tomorrow. We're really excited and fingers crossed that the weather tomorrow is as nice as it was today and that people will enjoy tasting our wines in some sunshine...

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