Love a Taste meets the sporty dogs (and people) at Limehouse Basin market

The g(G?)od of weather smiled on us on Saturday at the Limehouse Basin Market and it was a very enjoyable day. The gazebo worked more as a parasol than an umbrella and we met lots of people and lots of dogs at Howloween.

One person (who shall remain nameless) commented on how odd it was that so many of the Limehouse dogs seemed to have bright orange coats on. Personally I thought it was more unusual to see a dog driving a Mercedes, but then London is a cosmopolitan place.

We had lots of interesting chats with people and sold a pleasing amount of wine. Quite a few boxes seem destined to be gifts and some people perhaps were reassured by my demonstration of Love a Taste's wine box fitting through a Jewson's standard letterbox ('no really, that's clever, I like the brass, very smart'. If only we'd been selling letterboxes too...)

Then finally, after a long day on our feet, a beautiful sunset (and a little remnant glass of the leftover Cuvée de Silex tasting bottle). A great day all in all....

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