Love a Taste: Launch of Loyalty and Referrals scheme (free wine!)

Love a Taste is delighted to announce the launch of a Taster Box referral and loyalty scheme to reward (at least in future!) all the lovely wine-lovers and wine-givers we have met over the past 18 months.

If you value what we do: try to help people to find and buy wines they like by offering a wide range of expert-selected wines in small quantities, without requiring random big bottle purchases, we hope that our loyalty and referral programme may be of interest to you.
More details may be found in our FAQ section:

To participate in the programme you need to set up a customer account with If you have previously created an account with us you now automatically earn loyalty points with each purchase (including subscriptions).

To create a customer account for yourself if you don’t already have one, 
click on the 'person' icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and follow the instructions.

You should immediately receive an e-mail ‘Customer account activation’ from us which you need to open. Click on the ‘Activate your account’ button. That’s it!
(If you don’t see this e-mail in your inbox, please check your junk folder.)

You now have a customer account and you have just been credited with 50 ‘Taste Points’ for opening it!


With an account, any future wine purchases you make will now automatically receive Taste Points credited to your account, whether subscriptions, individual Taster Boxes, or 750ml bottles of wine.
Every £1 spent generates 2 Taste Points.


To refer friends, or anyone else, click on the red ‘Referrals & Loyalty’ button link on the bottom right hand side of the page.

A box will then pop up with a link

Copy and paste this link and send it to your friends via e-mail, text, whatsapp, whatever…if you wish to refer them to Love a Taste. This link is your individual code and it enables us to credit you with Taste Points if your friends buy wine from us.

Anyone you refer will get 30% off their first subscription Taster Box and we then send you £5 of store credit (500 Taste Points) as a thank you.

To redeem your points (the free wine bit):

Go to and login to your customer account and click on the ‘Referrals and Loyalty’ button in the bottom right hand corner. This shows your Taste Points currently. Scroll down below the referral link to ‘Spend your Taste Points’ and view and select how many Taste Points you want to spend using the drag bar.
Click the redeem button again and you will receive a discount code equivalent in value to the points you wish to redeem that you can then use at checkout.

NB You need a minimum of 100 Taste Points before you can start to redeem them.

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