How to find Wines to pair with Food (and vice versa)

If you are planning a dinner party or special event this year then why not use our food pairing suggestions to select the wines that will best complement your food?

Wine is generally best enjoyed with food (and indeed the reverse!), but getting the right wine to perfectly compliment the food can be trickier. One of our aims with Love a Taste is to help you to maximise your enjoyment of wine and to pair the wines with their complementary foods (think colour wheels).

You know if you like a wine, but do you know why you like it? To help people to understand why they like a particular wine, we create Tasting Wheels which describe each of our wines in terms of ten main characteristics, tannins, red fruits, acidity, sweetness etc. and our two Masters of Wine score each wine on those ten characteristics on a scale of 0 to 5 (intense!). See the picture above of a white wine example (a sauvignon blanc - the 2017 Groot Constantia). The red wines have different characteristics.

If you click on any wine bottle in our 'Shop Wines' section you will see the Tasting Wheel for that wine, and so to be able to see how similar or different other wines are to it.  If you like one wine, you will probably like another wine with a similar looking tasting wheel too, so helping you to get behind the wine labels and just find what your taste buds know they enjoy.

How to pair food and wine using our website:

Find wine to go with a particular food:
Simply type the main ingredient (eg lamb, monkfish) into the search bar (the magnifying glass) to see the wines that pair well with the food pop up. Click on any of the wines that pop up to see the tasting wheel and then scroll down to the 'Goes well with' section to read about the suggested food pairings.

Find food to go with a particular wine:
Go to the wine you like, click on the wine bottle picture to see the Tasting Wheel. Scroll down the page to the 'Goes well with' section to see the food suggestions.
If you do pair the wines and food as suggested, please feel free to share your thoughts in the review section to help others in the same situation.

Find organic or vegan wines:
In the search bar, type 'organic' or 'vegan'.

We have a minimum order size of 6 bottles, but cases can be mixed.
Delivery costs £5.99 for 6-12 bottles. 

Happy hunting!

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